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In addition to performing, the members of Stupid Time Machine serve as co-founders of The New Movement, a professional improv theater and training center with a home in Austin and two locations taking root in New Orleans and Houston.   Improvisers Chris Trew and Tami Nelson founded the New Movement in Austin after Hurricane Katrina forced them from their homes in New Orleans.  After establishing a powerhouse of a theater in Austin, they approached Stupid Time Machine about partnering to build a branch of The New Movement in New Orleans.  Having moved back home to New Orleans, Chris and Tami have joined forces with Stupid Time Machine, and together they are building the comedy theater that the city deserves.  Just as UCB helped New York emerge as an improv mecca, we believe that a theater full of dedicated imaginative badasses can put New Orleans on the map as the new comedy frontier outside of Chicago, New York, and LA.  That theater is The New Movement.

The New Movement….

…Teaches classes

We offer courses in our 5-level improv conservatory.
Every month, we host an Improv Zero – a night to test drive our classes for free.  If you’ve ever thought about trying improv, this is quick, dirty, no-strings-attached way to see what up.   We also offer sketch classes.

…Hosts ambitious original comedy festivals

Part of making New Orleans a comedy city entails attracting badass national acts.  Thus, we’ve created Hell Yes Fest, an invitation only festival to bring some of the best improv, sketch, and standup acts to New Orleans in November and Austin in April.  Other festivals include The Megaphone Marathons – a 3 weekend improv marathon in which performers travel consecutively to all three of our host cities, and the Improv Wins Conference – a festival in january dedicated to improv education.

…Makes films

We make films, shorts, and original series with our LA-based production company Studio  Some of these films and shorts have been featured on Comedy Central.

We run Improv Wins, a dedicated improv blog for and by improvisers.  Improv Wins is also the official sponsor of the Improv Wins Conference.

…run Lowlights Magazine & Blog
We run a comedy magazine called Lowlights  (also available in blog form).  It’s like Highlights Magazine, but without so many damn puzzle-mazes.


We run a semi-serious New Orleans sports blog called

Because, despite our appearance….

we have stuff to say about sports.

…Tour and cause a rukus whenever we can
We try to send teams on the road whenever we can.  Sometimes its on independent tours (this October players from all 3 TNM theaters joined forces for an 11-city tour).  Sometimes its for big comedy festivals.  Sometimes its for other stuff (FunFunFun Fest, SXSW).  Whenever we are on the road and not doing shows we like to get large groups of people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.  Like this.

We are quietly building a juggernaut down here.  You should join us.


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