STM @SF Sketchfest: Reviewed by Spinning

Review of our SF Sketchfest Show at the Dark Room

Bay Area music/comedy-philes Spinning Platters reviewed our set at the SF Sketchfest.  This is what they said on their fancy internet website:

“From the depths of the Louisiana Bayou, Stupid Time Machine surfaced in the bowels of the Dark Room. The New Orleans-based sketch troupe made complete use of space and time to produce a show of hilariously juvenile imagination. Sharp writing, pitch perfect performances, goofy, and unfiltered: Stupid Time Machine were ‘rimming’ with ambitious, crass, tongue-in-cheek humor. Every character, while appropriately idiotic, was thoroughly three-dimensional, gliding through taboos without a clue or conscious. The entire group impressed but CJ Hunt particularly shined, performing with guttural convention and passion that put many scenes on edge.” –
OJ Patterson 1/25/12

For full text of the review click here.  The article also covers our new friends/talented sketch duo Charles.   It is surprisingly difficult to find people who write about comedy without reducing it to just a list of what happened in each sketch;  Spinning Platters nails it with their concise well-written coverage of the whole Sketchfest .  There.  Take that Spinning Platters; we just reviewed YOU!!

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