New Video: Urban Outfiters #WeAreAllNatives

Hi there.  We made a new video: An ad from our favorite controversial retailer.  This Thanksgiving, let us all embrace the coy charms and simple hipster style of the indigenous people displaced and killed by the millions.  Shop the #WeAreAllNatives collection – Indian Apparel for the rest of us.   

Though a parody, we would not be surprised if the video were picked up by the very real Urban Outfitters who has sold such apparel as a commemorative Kent State Massacre Sweatshirt (complete with bullet holes), Holocaust Star T-Shirt, as well their Navajo line – of indian-themed clothing, panties and flasks. News and Hipster shoppers like a good controversy.  We think they’ll LOVE the #WeAreAllNatives line.  

We are Stupid Time Machine.  We also make videos that look like this.

Derek Dupuy

Derek is the Artistic Director of The New Movement, a comedy theater based in New Orleans, LA.  He is also an improv and sketch comedy teacher at The New Movement.  Derek has been improvising and doing sketch comedy for over five years.  He has performed across the country as well as in festivals like Chicago SketchFest, San Francisco Sketch Fest, Moontower Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, Dallas Comedy Festival, New York International Fringe Festival, a run at iO West, and more.  He is the co-creator of the long running New Orleans comedy show Comedy Lives!.  He also performs with Super Computer and is a regular in The Megaphone Show every Saturday night at The New Movement.

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Super Computer

The Megaphone Show

“This was the third time back at SketchFest for this witty, New Orleans-based group, and without question they have earned their repeated berth. The best sketch and improv performers tend to be tremendously skilled actors, and Stupid Time Machine has a couple of charismatic aces up its sleeve…” Chicago Tribune, Chicago SketchFest 2013

Mike Spara

Mike Spara is a founding member of The New Movement in New Orleans, where he is also a faculty member for improvisation, sketch, and AP Comedy.  He has been performing comedy around the country for over five years, including Chicago SketchFest, SF Sketch Fest, FunFunFun Fest, Hangout Fest, iO West, and in videos featured on Funny or Die. He performs sketch and improvisation with Stupid Time Machine, Super Computer, Quiet on the Set (silent improv), and Treats! (musical improv), among regular guest spots in a variety of other teams. He is also the producer of TNM’s Fake Art Tours, OcTourber and TourCeratops, and his recent silent sketch comedy show Conversations with Body Language.

"Energetic performers with can-do-anything-anywhere confidence...who are individually uproarious and a collective force to be reckoned with." Nytheater.com

CJ Hunt

CJ Hunt is a comedic writer and performer living in New Orleans. He is a co-founder of The New Movement (improv theaters in New Orleans and Austin). There, he directs the AP Comedy Youth Improv Program and Training Camp: TNM’s improv intensives.

A member of the sketch group Stupid Time Machine, CJ has performed all over the country – including recent shows at San Francisco Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, iO West, and the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. He has written sketches featured on the main pages of FunnyOrDie.com, Atom.com, and Studio8.net.

CJ is the co-creator of Sunken City, a New Orleans comedy web series that he thinks you will enjoy very much. When he is not doing comedy, he can be found quietly consuming cookies in a basement.

Keep up with all things CJ at www.gocjhunt.com

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French Navy

Sunken City


“Sharp writing, pitch perfect performances, goofy, and unfiltered: Stupid Time Machine wererimming with ambitious, crass, tongue-in-cheek humor. Every character, while appropriately idiotic, was thoroughly three-dimensional, gliding through taboos without a clue or conscious.” Spinningplatters.com, SF Sketch Comedy Festival 2012

James Hamilton

James Hamilton is a comedian, writer, producer, and actor based in New Orleans, LA.  He cut his comedy teeth as a member of the original improv class at The New Movement New Orleans and hasn’t stopped since.  He performs improv with the groups the French Navy, Super Computer, Quiet on the Set.  He also co-produced the hit storytelling show and podcast, Shipwrecked!  As the newest and tallest member of Stupid Time Machine, he is often required to carry the other members’ bags and grab things off the top shelf.

Discover more about James at www.youngjameshamilton.com

Other Groups:

The French Navy

Super Computer

Quiet on the Set

"A comedy ensemble that mocks and makes fun of everything you always wanted to laugh at, but were afraid to start." CurtainUp.com

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About Stupid Time Machine… 

Hailing from the dirty gulf, Stupid Time Machine is a New Orleans-based comedy group known for their original sketch revues and stone cold improv shows.

They create funny things and travel the country showing them to strangers. Recent performances include San Francisco Sketchfest, Chicago SketchFest, the New York International Fringe Festival, Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, and  a mainstage run at iO West. They have opened for fancy people like UCB TourCO, Pudding Thank You, and the Tim and Micah Project.

The group’s members teach and perform as co-founders of The New Movement, a professional improv theater and training center with locations in Austin and New Orleans.  Through providing high quality teaching, badass shows, and ambitious comedy festivals, they will transform the Gulf Coast into the next great comedy frontier.

The members of Stupid Time Machine are exceptional when it comes to dancing, pitiful when it comes to fighting, and always hungry when it comes to doing cool things with creative people.